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Bentley speedikon Industrial / architecturalFrom the most successful
 Bentley Partner 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018

Integrate your architectural and industrial design using Bentley speedikon software in compliance with the German building construction standards.

  • Create building documentation
    Deliver customizable documentation that is reliable and robust. Customize drawings and support your workflow tasks from draft design to construction documentation.
  • Design industrial facilities
    Design German buildings and facilities, such as factories, airports, offices, and hospitals, of all sizes and complexity. Combine your architectural design, structural drafting, and construction documentation. Use key dimensions for easy customization of objects.
  • Generate reports to German standards
    Create comprehensive reports that meet German standards. Combine drawings, maps, and models to create a common data environment. Integrate your design, 3D visualization, drawing production, quantity take-off reporting, and preparation of data for facilities management.
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Why choose speedikon Industrial / architectural

Integrate your design, drawings, reports, and data with comprehensive capabilities. Streamline your workflow, throughout the design, structural drafting, and construction documentation process, for new and existing industrial facilities with Bentley’s No.1 Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution. From airports, to hospitals, to factories, it will transform the way you design industrial facilities in Germany.

Competitive advantages:

  • intelligent Building model with fully parametric components

  • Steel and Concrete both in one system
  • Unique display filters for each purpose
  • cost estimation and tendering
  • Working fully in 3D with 2D viewing options
  • high flexibility
  • Experience since 1981
  • fully standardizable for company standards included standards management
  • Powerful
  • design visualization


  • Twisted towers TU Delft

  • Maybach Center of Excellence, Kohlbecker Architects & Engineer
  • Daimler Factory Extension, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Albert Kahn Associates Inc
  • Wacker
  • Schering
  • Mercedes Benz Showroom, Daimler AG
  • Van Technology Center, Daimler AG, Kohlbecker Architects & Engineers
  • Dubai Airport
  • Fraport
  • HufHaus

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